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Reach millions of future donors at a fraction of the cost


Millions in new donations for many leading non-profits

We are a donor development agency

In order to drive the most new donors to your non-profit organization it is essential to select the right direct response and digital media partner. We have delivered tens millions of dollars in offline & online results for many of the nations leading non-profits. Organizations like Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Smile Train, Free Wheel Chair Mission, Promise Keepers, North American Mission Board (NAMB), Focus on the Family, Restoring the Heart and Spreading Hope Network.

We are Mars Hill Media. A multi-channel agency of direct response and digital media strategists. Working both on the agency side and client side as CEO’s and CMO’s, we know how to help you profitably scale your donor development direct response strategy.

Most Trusted Media Channels


DR Print Media

Discount media rates in over 1,100 local and national newspapers and magazines.

DR Radio Spots

Local and National Radio including spot, streaming, satellite and endorsement.

DRTV Commercials

Short Form and Long Form Television Commercials.

Digital Media

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, SEO, Inbound Marketing and Metrics.

Mars Hill Media is one of the best media agencies in the country. Their expertise in buying discount media in multiple channels is unmatched. I can't recommend them strongly enough.

John Tillack

Chief Marketing Officer

Non-profit organizations can't afford to make mistakes with their limited marketing dollars.

Too many non-profit organizations let junior staff plan and execute direct and digital spends. This is a huge mistake! If your advertising budget is small, it is even more critical to know how to buy media that delivers the highest ROI. Having CMO experience and direct response know-how greatly enhances your chance for success.

We scale your mission through discount media

We understand the metrics of CPA, LTV and ROI. For the last 17 years, we have executed on little known direct response strategies that can help you save up to 82% OFF rate card prices while delivering new donor acquisition RESULTS.

Does your non-profit organization need to go national to reach more donors?

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Lead Generation

Donor Acquisition

Digital Clarity

Marketing Leadership


Lead Generation

Hit lead generation cost per call and cost per lead metrics

Customer Acquisition

Drive more new customers to your business

Media Analytics

Net ROI from the best performing media channels

Channel Agnostic

Use the most trusted media channels that drive more new customers

Integration Marketing

Integrate your offline and online marketing to close more sales

CMO Leadership

Execute a direct response CMO level strategy!


Your Direct Response ROI Partner

A Lead Generation/Customer Acquisition Agency