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We build Context Media Platforms that drive more customers and donors


New Lateral Thinking +

Advanced Marketing Ideation +

Daring Sales Frameworks =

More New Customers in 2024!

Content Marketing Context Media strengthens long-term customer connections.

More organizations are using AI to create content marketing. But more content will not set you apart from your competitors. Context Media that elevates truth and beauty can lift communication to the highest level.

Words matter. Ideas matter. Values matter. AI can’t communicate on this level. And AI doesn’t know what is important and what’s trivial.

We think media is all about human context. Helping your prospects and customers pay attention to what’s important and what should be ignored. 

At Mars Hill Media we help CEOs and senior leaders create new strategies from our proprietary contextual thinking platform:

  • Contextual writing clarifies new thinking.
  • New thinking leads to fresh insights.
  • Fresh insights lead to BIG IDEAS.
  • BIG IDEAS create groundbreaking marketing narratives and sales frameworks.
  • Result = MORE SALES in 2024!

“Strategy with words” is now the main arbitrage for businesses.

Let’s be honest when it comes to sales and marketing execution, most organizations create BORING and ineffective content. Studies reveal 85% of CEOs want more critical thinking from their marketing leadership.

Today, there’s a gigantic opportunity for your organization to build trust, highlight virtue and share diverse intellectual viewpoints with your prospects and customers. In this environment, creative communication strategies are the main arbitrage. It’s the real opportunity that can pay in perpetuity. To learn how our proprietary Context Media platform can drive more sales for your organization in 2024 please reach out to our CEO Tim Finley at [email protected]

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple—that’s creativity.

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Frameworks, Narratives & Storytelling

CEO and CMO Consulting

"Courage is the only virtue you cannot fake" -Taleb

Please e-mail our CEO Tim Finley at [email protected]