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“The two things in this country which will keep us away from God are: the lack of a moral voice from the pulpit and the MEDIA.”

-Charles Finney in a sermon preached 150 years ago.

Without question the media is the loudest voice in our culture.

It goes without saying that in the average American household mass media has become the primary transmitter of a largely uncensored, up-to-the-minute, post-modern world view. Parents, children and entire families are being held hostage by the all-consuming 24/7 onslaught of media.  

The once well-defined lines between news and entertainment, fact and fiction, image and message, truth and lies have all become blurred. The values displayed in the media have passively become our own.

The media is how our culture shares.

The media greets us in the morning and it’s the last thing we see at night. The media is constantly with our children when they’re alone. Its voice and values have mostly displaced ours as parents.

Anselm House lives in this reality. As our lifestyles move faster and faster, we turn to the media to meet some of our deepest needs. The need for relationships. The need for information. And the need to feel part of a community. Tragically, there is a voice that is seldom heard in the media. It is the authentic voice of God.

When God’s truth is irrelevant in the media, it becomes more irrelevant in our daily lives. But if God’s love can be communicated with relevance and understanding, then the media can be raised to its highest purpose. This is both the hope and mission of Mars Hill Media.

A senior marketing leader who can bring a strategic outside view 

Adam Grant, Professor of Management at the Wharton School, reveals the kind of person who is the key to making teams succeed. He calls them the “disagreeable giver”. According to Grant, executive level members of your team who tell it like it is, might get on your nerves a bit–but they’re the most undervalued people in business.

“Disagreeable givers are the people who are willing to give the critical feedback you don’t want to hear–but you need to hear,” Grant says. “They are the people who challenge the status quo and push the organization to make painful but necessary changes. They’re invaluable,” Grant says.

But therein lies the problem. Many leadership teams don’t have a contrarian or disagreeable giver–someone who plays the devil’s advocate. That’s a tragic mistake. As Chief Marketing Strategists, we work with clients on critical problem solving and strategy with the goal of refocusing and rebooting stale thinking and dead-end sales and marketing efforts.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple–that’s creativity.

Claude Monet

French Impressionist Painter

Fractional Chief Marketing Strategist Role at Anselm House

Unfortunately, many small to mid-size faith based non-profit organizations cannot afford to hire senior marketing leaders. Leaders who know how to effectively leverage online and offline media to build compelling strategic frameworks and narratives to engage the media culture and tell their story.

At Mars Hill Media, we believe in both the power of great strategy and great execution. Strategy without execution is a total waste of time. You can come up with all the wonderful ideas you want but someone needs to have the time and the responsibility for chunking those ideas down into to project management to do’s and then planning and executing on them.

Fractional Chief Marketing Strategy and Execution:

  • Come up with a sales and marketing go to market strategy to increase new fellows for fall 2020 enrollment
  • Implement a true Account Based Marketing strategy (ABM) for Anselm House
  • If there is a digital ad budget, develop a digital ad strategy (messaging, measurement, ad buy execution) to reach future fellows on campus and incoming freshman
  • Generate new inbound-outbound marketing strategies
  • Curb “Curse of Knowledge” issues with simplicity and clarity rewrites
  • Bring new ideas on how to leverage the Anselm House website for greater impact
  • Create target landing pages to drive online communication in the broader marketplace
  • Demonstrate the power of “Circle of Leverage” direct mail letters to new donors
  • Juice the power of email marketing
  • Create strategic frameworks and flip the script narratives to key target audiences

A simple and clear "strategy with words" platform drives all sales and marketing outcomes

Writing moves the world. The Bible, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address. The written world is uniquely powerful. Writing sharpens your thinking. The mind usually jumps from thought to thought but writing forces you to slow down. This leads to better strategy. Strategy that becomes your words.

Our “strategy with words” communication platform works to act as creative kindling by delivering clear, insightful, critical thinking that unlocks the creative potential of an organization.

Anselm House must communicate with distinct groups in different ways including: current fellows, future fellows, parents, current donors and future donors to name a few. Each group needs different messaging and a unique content marketing strategy. Why? Because they all care about different things even though they are all tied together around the mission and vision of Anselm House.

Therefore, email marketing, direct mail, website content, landing pages, social media messaging and even branding of Anselm can and should be a little different for each group in order to engage them on a deeper level. We help highlight the need for senior leadership to take extreme ownership of all communication platforms so they respond in real time.

Real world example: I signed up on the Anselm House website six days ago and have still not received a welcome email or any information. This is a gaping hole in the communication strategy of Anselm that should be fixed ASAP.

We leave you with one of our Mars Hill Media Musings: If your audience didn’t understand you, you failed. Not them. Period. Your goal is not to speak so clearly that they understand—Rather, it is to speak so clearly that they cannot misunderstand.

We look forward to working together!

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