Tim Finley Bio Page


Chief Marketing Technologist at Mars Hill Media

Married to Linda

Father to Katie, Lauren, Matt and Jack

4 Handicap Golf Nut with 5 career holes in one

Tim Finley has co-led three digital media and direct response media agencies, one that sold to Omnicom Group, the largest publicly held holding company of advertising and media agencies in the world. To discuss our inexpensive monthly CMO retainer model please e-mail me at tim@marshillmedia.org

Marketing Strategist (CMO Experience)

Digital Leadership (Online Marketing)

Media Buying Chops (Lead Generation)

Biz Development (Vision Casting)


Content Specialist (Messaging & Copy)

Database Scientist (ROI & Analytics)

Tim Finley

Tim Finley


  • Chief Marketing Technologist at Mars Hill Digital
  • CEO at Mosquito Interactive
  • CMO & Chief Creative Officer at Ardor Group
  • Chief Sales Officer/Partner at Novus Media

Past and Present Clients:


  • Pizza Hut
  • Bose
  • Select Comfort
  • Vet Pharmaceuticals
  • DNTL
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • LifeTime Fitness
  • Renewal by Anderson
  • Integrated Care Group
  • Rapid Packaging
  • Zimmerman Reed


Past and Present Non-Profits:


  • North American Mission Board
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF)
  • Free Wheelchair Mission
  • Smile Train
  • Spreading Hope Network
  • Promise Keepers
  • Restoring the Heart


Organizations need marketing leaders to come up with new “out of the box” ideas

Smaller companies and non-profit organizations need creative thinking and marketing leadership to come up with new big ideas. “Out-of-the-box” strategies are crucial to be able to connect people to your brand on a more emotional level. 

A great marketing leader creates a coherent marketing plan centered on the customer journey, business data objectives and the competitive landscape for that unique organization. They know how to identify which customers are important, the technology and platforms which are most useful in reaching those customers and the types of content messages needed to activate those segments. They provide the vision and goals and outline the roadmap of achievement.

Do you need a new marketing technology leader for your company or non-profit organization?

If you are in-between marketing leaders and need interim Direct-Digital CMO leadership, we might be able to help. We have led sales and marketing strategies for Select Comfort, Bose, LifeTime Fitness, Vet Brands International, Integrated Care Group, Spreading Hope Network, Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) and Free Wheelchair Mission. To discuss our inexpensive monthly CMO retainer model please call Tim Finley at (612) 508-9827 or e-mail him at tim@marshillmedia.org

Many businesses don't understand that online customers are FULLY in charge!

Here are 4 “Customer Centric" ways your customers behave:


  • Your customers ONLY care about one thing—THEMSELVES
  • Your customers are INFORMED and DEMAND CONTROL
  • Your customers have VERY HIGH expectations for their digital experience
  • Your customers WANT TO FIND WHAT THEY WANT in a fast and easy way
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