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Your non-profit is competing for every dollar with millions of other worthy charities. How will you stand out?

Our dynamic “strategy with words” framework helps you reach new donors and scale your mission faster 

Non-profits can’t afford mistakes with their limited marketing dollars

Too many non-profit organizations let junior staff lead their communication strategy and decide important media spending. This is a huge mistake!

Today, your non-profit is competing with thousands of other worthy charities for every donation. You need to set your organization apart. We help clients do that with the power of words. We use a “strategies with words” platform to create and executive distinctive frameworks, narratives and storytelling which move new donors to make larger donations to your cause.

Mars Hill Media serves as a fundraising and marketing agency for many regional and national non-profits. Our innovative “strategy with words” platforms, online best practices, discount media platforms and CMO leadership consulting drives new donors.

We help non-profit leaders build frameworks, narratives and stories

We believe that each non-profit brand can be a highly strategic asset for the organization. As strategists, we’re obsessed with using our “strategy with words” platform to enhance and build your brand long term so it have greater impact for years to come.

As chief strategists we partner with non-profits to create relevant new donor experiences while transforming new donor acquisition. We do this by developing a deep understanding of your donor profile, culture and technology. We hunt for actionable insights and then work collaboratively with other key disciplines to define a single strategic vision.

We have delivered tens of millions of dollars in offline and online results for many of the nation’s leading non-profits. Organizations like Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Smile Train, Free Wheel Chair Mission, Promise Keepers, North American Mission Board (NAMB), Focus on the Family, Restoring the Heart and Spreading Hope Network.

Working both on the agency side and client side as CEO’s and CMO’s, we understand the challenges of casting vision and raising money to run a non-profit organization. To start a discussion on how we can help your non-profit organization find more new donors please email our CMO Tim Finley at

Interim and fractional leadership can reboot sales and marketing new donor growth strategy

Tim Finley is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Mars Hill Media. He is a sales and marketing leader with experience as a CEO and CMO in direct response, digital and brand performance media. He has led business strategies for Pizza Hut, Life Time Fitness, Southwest Airlines, Renewal by Anderson, Hemablock, Direct TV, Bose, RF Technologies, Life Lock, Select Comfort, Cirrus Aircraft, Spreading Hope Network, Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Fairmont Hotels, Free Wheelchair Mission and many others. His e-mail is

Executive Deliverables:

Business Growth Strategy | Big Idea Creative Frameworks | New Business Ideation | Performance Marketing Platforms | Sales Enablement | Account Based Marketing (ABM) | Narratives & Storytelling | Creative Account Planning | Consultative Platform Selling | Writing Commercial Insights | Customer Experience (CX) | Digital CEO | Direct Response CMO | Non-Profit ED | B2B | B2C | New Business Development | Leadership Transitions

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

Arnold H. Glasow


The weakness of a leader is proportionate to the number of truths that must be kept from them.

Eric Hoffer

Longshoreman and Philosopher

Interim and fractional strategies for small to mid-size businesses

Non-profit organizations also need strategic marketing excellence

Leadership transition strategies for Chief Strategists, CMOs and Executive Directors

If you're in-between marketing leaders and need strategic leadership, we might be able to help. We have led sales and marketing strategies for Cirrus Aircraft, Select Comfort, Bose, Lifetime Fitness, Hemablock, Life Lock, Spreading Hope Network, Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) and Free Wheelchair Mission. To discuss our monthly retainer model please call Tim Finley at (612) 508-9827 or email him at

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