Marketing Technology, Customer Acquisition and CMO Leadership

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You need great ideas to emotionally connect customers to your brand

Smaller companies and non-profit organizations need creative thinking and marketing leadership to come up with new big ideas. “Out-of-the-box” strategies are crucial to be able to connect people to your brand on a more emotional level. 

A gifted marketing technology leader

A great marketing leader creates a coherent marketing plan centered on the customer journey, business data objectives and the competitive landscape for that unique organization. They know how to identify which customers are important, the technology and platforms which are most useful in reaching those customers and the types of content messages needed to activate those segments. They provide the vision and goals and outline the roadmap of achievement.

Is it time for new marketing technology leadership for your organization?

In a recent survey, 60% of CEO’s said if sales goals weren’t met, the CMO would be the first person fired.

If you’re in-between marketing leaders and need interim marketing leadership, we can help. We have led sales and marketing strategies for Select Comfort, Bose, LifeTime Fitness, Vet Brands International, Integrated Care Group, Spreading Hope Network, Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) and many others. 

The modern media is so pervasive with the ability to shape public thought and opinion. Mars Hill Media uses this powerful tool to help shape our world for good.

Tom Lehman

Ryder Cup Captain & Multiple PGA and Champions Tour Winner

Tim- I am grateful for all your wise counsel and the work you did in helping get Spreading Hope Network into such a better position! Thank you! You’re a great strategic advisor!

Dan Olson

Executive Director, Spreading Hope Network

Marketing Strategist (CMO Experience)

Digital Leadership (Online Marketing)

Media Buying Chops (Lead Generation)

Biz Development (Vision Casting)


Content Specialist (Messaging & Copy)

Database Scientist (ROI & Analytics)

Tim Finley

Tim Finley


  • Chief Marketing Technologist at Mars Hill Digital
  • CEO at Mosquito Interactive
  • CMO & Chief Creative Officer at Ardor Group
  • Chief Sales Officer/Partner at Novus Media

Six critical senior leadership roles you need to fill to successfully execute your marketing communications strategy

Here are the 6 critical roles

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