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"The two things in this country which will keep us away from God are: the lack of a moral voice from the pulpit and the media."

-Preacher Charles Finney in a sermon 150 years ago

The media is how our culture shares

The media is how our culture shares. It greets us in the morning and it’s the last thing we see at night. The media is with our children when they are alone. Its voice can be greater than our ours as parents. Its voice can be greater than even our conscience. Corporations are constantly speaking to us through the media. They research our deepest hopes and dreams and then they use what they learn. The media is their ambassador. But, if the only thing the media communicates is consumerism, it will forever leave us empty.

As our lifestyles move faster and faster, we turn to the media to meet some of our deepest needs. The need for relationships. The need for information. And the need to feel part of a community. Tragically, there is a voice that is seldom heard in the media. It is the authentic voice of God.

When God’s truth is irrelevant in the media, it becomes more irrelevant in our daily lives. But if God’s love can be communicated with relevance and understanding, then the media can be raised to its highest purpose. This is both a hope in the mission of Mars Hill Media. 

Faith-based donor development strategies and results

We have delivered tens of millions of dollars in offline and online results for many of the nation’s leading faith-based non-profits. Organizations like Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Smile Train, Free Wheel Chair Mission, Promise Keepers, North American Mission Board (NAMB), Focus on the Family, Restoring the Heart and Spreading Hope Network.

The modern media is so pervasive with the ability to shape public thought and opinion. Mars Hill Media uses this powerful tool to help shape our world for good.

Tom Lehman

Ryder Cup Captain & Multiple PGA and Champions Tour Winner

Tim- I was just thinking about how grateful I am for all your wise counsel and work in helping get Spreading Hope Network into such a better position! Thank you! You’re a great strategic advisor!

Dan Olson

Executive Director, Spreading Hope Network

In a noisy world, sometimes the hardest voice to hear is our conscience

It goes without saying that in the average American household mass media has become the primary transmitter of a largely uncensored, up-to-the-minute, post-modern world view. An ever- growing number of individuals and families are being held hostage by its all-consuming onslaught. Too many have mistaken it for a guiding light. 

Without question, mass media is the loudest voice in our culture. The once well-defined lines between news and entertainment, fact and fiction, image and message, truth and lies have all become blurred. The values displayed in the media have passively become our own.

There are those who believe that eternal truths must be spoken again in the media

Unfortunately, what’s not often shown in the media are biblical truths that are unchanging. There are those who believe that eternal truths must be spoken again and heard in the media. Heard in relevant, compelling and contemporary language. This is both the hope and mission of Mars Hill Media.

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There is an art to communicating biblical truths in a relevant way

Charities, causes and organizations of faith call us to a deeper awareness of our neighbor’s needs. Many smaller non-profit organizations are not strategic enough in their use of online and offline media to effectively tell their story. And when they do use it, they are unsuccessful in engaging the culture. Often this happens because they misunderstand their audience, and fail to present their message in compelling ways to garner support.

Truth doesn’t change. But the way it is communicated can. It is  possible to effectively communicate timeless truths in today’s language. The message doesn’t need to be compromised. And the medium can be raised to its highest purpose. 

For decades, the voice of faith has been noticeably absent, or deemed irrelevant, in the public square. People of faith were told that no one was listening… that they had nothing relevant left to say. The Church relinquished its voice and withdrew from the public square, taking with it the life-changing message of hope and peace in God.

It is in this post-modern climate that the Church is being challenged to find its voice, and once again communicate in the public square

Mass media, dominated by voices from the worlds of marketing and entertainment, have substituted Judeo-Christian values with their own values, thus becoming the primary shapers of our culture. Timeless virtues like unselfish love, the sanctity of life and the desire for faith in God have been largely replaced by a mindset that recognizes no absolutes, offers unlimited choices, and demands little responsibility. An entire generation has grown up trying to find purpose looking at their cell phones.

It is in this post-modern climate that the Church is being challenged to find its voice, and once again communicate in the public square. At Mars Hill Media, our clients are using new ways to effectively proclaim timeless truths. Together, we creatively engage in public square discussions that capture the attention of searching hearts.

We invite you to join your voice with ours. Together we can release God’s eternal, unchanging truths into our culture and society…and once again see God’s redeeming presence in the public square.

Past and Present Clients:


  • Pizza Hut
  • Bose
  • Select Comfort
  • Vet Pharmaceuticals
  • DNTL
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • LifeTime Fitness
  • Renewal by Anderson
  • Integrated Care Group
  • Rapid Packaging
  • Zimmerman Reed


Past and Present Non-Profits:


  • North American Mission Board
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF)
  • Free Wheelchair Mission
  • Smile Train
  • Spreading Hope Network
  • Promise Keepers
  • Restoring the Heart