Many businesses don't understand that online customers are FULLY in charge!

Here are 5 “Customer Centric" ways your customers behave:


  • Your customers ONLY care about one thing—THEMSELVES
  • Your customers are INFORMED and DEMAND ONLINE CONTROL
  • Your customers have VERY HIGH expectations for their digital experience
  • Your customers WANT TO FIND WHAT THEY WANT in a fast and easy way
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Here is what we do to help you convert more online leads to customers:


  • Consult on your site architecture from a “customer centric point of view
  • Improve your visual design page aesthetics 
  • Advise and re-write content leading to more conversions for all marketing messages (headlines, credibility, copy and visuals)
  • Analyze key website metrics, looking specifically at your conversion funnel and goals and visitor engagement
  • Improve “customer experience” usability and page flow

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Our FREE digital audit will identify all your internal and external advertising, sales, marketing and online communications leaks. Once pinpointed we can work together to instill the discipline to ensure your organization succinctly and consistently communicates their brand and communication messages with online clarity to your prospective customers.

Our team has worked with top management at LifeTime Fitness, Renewal by Anderson, Bose, Integrated Care Group, Vet Brands International and Spreading Hope Network. We would love to help you profitably scale your digital customer acquisition strategy. 

Digital simplicity and clarity = more new customers

As a chief marketer, you’re under constant pressure to drive new customer results. We’re here to help.

At Mars Hill Media, we define digital marketing simply as “using digital technologies to achieve business objectives.” Today, because most of your prospects live online you better be using up-to-date best practices to capture their attention and move them quickly to take action.

We have decades of experience in these four disciplines:

  • Brand
  • Direct response
  • Database
  • Digital

The goal of each disciplined area is to meet your connected consumer wherever and whenever he or she interacts with your brand. If you don’t, you will be left behind.

We work with you on these powerful conversion optimization tactics:

  • Visual branding
  • Customer experience (journey) road maps
  • Web site architecture and tuning
  • Microsite builds
  • Landing page conversion strategies
  • Content marketing output (white papers, blogs, social media)

Put our conversion optimization expertise to work so you can convert more leads to customers.

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