"Simple can be harder than complex. You must work hard to make it simple."

-Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Most sales and marketing communication is boring and ineffective

If you Google the search term “value-added services” you will find 600,000 companies using that exact phrase to describe what they do. And if you Google the term “end-to-end solutions” you get another 200,000 companies. Who writes this stuff? Worse, what CEOs and marketing leaders read and approve it?

Let’s face it, when it comes to marketing, many organizations lack imagination and creative thinking. Their online communication to prospective customers is boring and dull! If you could taste words, most corporate websites, sales materials, social media and e-mail marketing would taste like cardboard.

Curse of Knowledge study showed listeners only understood messages 3% of the time

Much has been written about what is called “The Curse of Knowledge.” How that term applies to your marketing efforts is this: Organizations intimately understand their own products and services but make the mistake by believing their prospective customers will easily understand what they are offering as well. 

Simplicity and clarity throughout your entire marketing communication platform is paramount. Understanding where your prospective customers might not understand you is critical. Knowing your “curse of knowledge” blind spots is key to success. If not addressed, those you are trying to reach might not understand you and take the appropriate action you want.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple’ awesomely simple—that’s creativity.

Claude Monet

French Impressionist Painter

If your prospects understood you only 1 out of 40 times, would you change what you are doing? Click to watch the Stanford Experiment video below...

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Does your organization have a "Purple Cow" strategy?

In his book Purple Cow, marketing guru Seth Godin asks the following question: If you were driving through the Midwest and saw a Purple Cow grazing by the side of road, would you stop to look?  Dang right you would!

Godin’s main point: That while driving we all can easily pass by thousands of black and white cows without a second look. Why? Because non of those cows is remarkable. But, if we saw a “Purple Cow” we would stop and take notice. 

Don't let your prospects continue to just pass you by

In his book, Godin demands that every company (YOUR COMPANY) be REMARKABLE by creating what he calls a “Purple Cow” sales and marketing strategy.  Without one, you will continue to look like everyone else and your prospective customers will continue to just pass you by.

We’d love to help you craft a new vibrant marketing platform. If you are interested in having a “Purple Cow” discussion, please email our CMO Tim Finley at tim@marshillmedia.org.