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Six leadership roles you must fill to successfully execute your marketing communications strategy

Marketing Strategist (CMO Experience)

The marketing strategist creates a coherent marketing plan centered on the customer journey, business data objectives and the competitive landscape for that unique organization. They know how to identify which customers are important, the technology and platforms which are most useful in reaching those customers and the types of content messages needed to activate those segments. They provide the vision and goals and outline the roadmap of achievement.

Today, organizations want their marketing leaders to come up with new and “out of the box” ideas. Creative thinking is in dire need today as businesses and non-profit organizations want marketers with big ideas, which they see as crucial in connecting people to the brand on a more emotional level.

Deliverables include:

Thought leadership. Customer persona development. Visual branding and messaging. Customer experience (journey) road maps. Offer creation. Messaging & copywriting.

Digital Leadership (Online Marketing)

A digital strategist is the leader who can provide in-depth direction and guidance on the company’s website and digital marketing strategy. This person is responsible for designing a positive customer experience which maximizes conversions. They provide valuable insight into which platform and type of content customers would find most useful or appealing. The digital strategist main job is to design blueprints—including wire frames, roadmaps and personas to enhance customer experience.

Deliverables include: 

Keyword research. On page SEO. Title and meta tags. Website architecture, creation and tuning. Clear call-to-action (CTA’s). Microsite builds. Landing page creation for target audiences. Conversion optimization strategies.  PPC spend. Integration with offline media.

Donor Development (Vision Casting)

In many organizations the Chief Marketer is now also the Chief Revenue Officer. This means the burden of generating top-line growth falls on their shoulders. To be successful, CMO’s need to know how to sell and bring in new customers and/or donors themselves.

Skill set to drive calls and convert leads to customers. Years of direct response and digital marketing experience greatly improves the change to drive results. 

Deliverables include:

Strategic business development mindset. Past sales results and experience. Lead nurturing and marketing automation background. Vision casting acumen. E-mail automation marketing know-how.  Sales coaching and management.  



Content Specialist (Messaging & Copy)

If you could taste the words that are used on most website pages, print ads and sales sheets, they would taste like cardboard. Most business communication is just bland and BORING! Who writes this stuff? Research shows the average attention span of your prospects is only 8 seconds (the same as a goldfish). So whatever you have to say you better make it compelling and you better do it FAST!

The content specialist needs to tell cohesive stores as customers travel across multiple digital platforms. Our decades of digital and direct response experience can help you better communicate the unique benefits of your organization. This means more customers and/or donors. 

Deliverables include:

Creative ideas and direction. Authentic storytelling. Graphic design that connects people to your brand. Content marketing output and publishing (white papers, social media, case studies and blogs). 

Media Buying Chops (Lead Generation)

CMO media buying experience is crucial in order to save your organization the most money. A CMO with decades of experience and media buying relationships is critical important as media is a huge expense for any organization.

Ability to drive media calls and convert leads to customers. Direct marketing and digital media experience. Ability to integrate online and offline campaigns. 

Deliverables include:

Little-known discount media planning, buying and analytics platforms in newspapers and magazines, radio, TV. Digital media connections to generate low cost per lead campaigns for your business.

Database Scientist (ROI & Analytics)

The data scientist should be a marketer who can work with the ever-increasing volume of data generated by customer behaviors and who knows how to make sense of information. Having a blend of digital marketing, analytics and technology in their skill-set is a huge plus for and marketing leader to bring to the table.

Deliverables include:

Project campaign management acumen. Ability to read and decipher daily performance analytics and ROI dashboards. A hands on partner that executes “most trusted” marketing channel spends with ROI always in mind.

Weekly research to key customers. Monthly updates. Quarterly call outs. CRM implementation. Data maintenance. Integration management. Monthly ROI reporting. Weekly performance management.

Past and Present Clients:


  • Pizza Hut
  • Bose
  • Select Comfort
  • Vet Pharmaceuticals
  • DNTL
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • LifeTime Fitness
  • Renewal by Anderson
  • Integrated Care Group
  • Rapid Packaging
  • Zimmerman Reed


Past and Present Non-Profits:


  • North American Mission Board
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF)
  • Free Wheelchair Mission
  • Smile Train
  • Spreading Hope Network
  • Promise Keepers
  • Restoring the Heart